Our experience tells us that there are no unique solutions but specific answers for each need.

The classic staff canteen, the coffee break for a working-day training, a brunch for a marketing meeting, a light lunch for a gathering of shareholders, a great banquete for some special occasions, hotel services in isolated campsites, the feed of students at school or the special diet of patients at hospitals.
Not all organizations adapt themselves to the same system of assistance, as there are many stipulations to be considered before choosing which system will be taken into account to feed the consumers.

We thoroughly discuss the different alternatives with the client, to decide together either which the ideal system to be used will be or the various services SI-AL offers within the corporative services of catering.

The rooms the client has are used for the elaboration of the dishes.

Within this system, the rooms the client has are used for the elaboration of the dishes and furthermore, it is necessary to have some other rooms where to receive, keep and preserve all raw materials.
Our task deals with the usage of the establisments, providing the raw materials and the staff in charge of the elaboration of the servings.
This system eases the possibility of elaborating a greater variety of dishes, which is convenient for the best adaptation of consumers considering their alimentary habits.

It is not recommended where the rooms used for the normal developing of our tasks are not completely prepared for this aim.

Remote sites
To cover the needs of mining companies, oil companies, construction companies.

Product specially developed for mining, oil and construction companies for example, that need a service that exceeds the strictly gastronomic and include assistance in different areas within their camps.

  • Attention in the rooms.
  • Cleaning on the property.
  • Laundry.
  • Recreation rooms for staff.
  • Community development of local participation.

Full and complete assistance in different areas for isolated camps.

When the client wants to outsource only part of the service.

In cases where the client owns the facilities and the appropriate personnel, and only wants to outsource a part of the service, SI-AL operates as administrator of the resources, controlling in turn all the processes.

Service that allows the development of specific plans, optimizing costs, guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

The answer for those who do not have their own space for elaboration.

This system is the alternative recommended for those clients who do not have the adequate establishments to make the elaborations in the place of consumption. In this case, dishes are made in our main kitchens and taken to the client’s establishments ready to be served at their temperature of consumption.

By making usage of the catering, it is possible to think about leaving some rooms for other aims, it is also more practical, quicker and avoid the botherings that either the odours or the sounds could provoke with the elaboration ‘In Situ’.

Modified Atmosphere
Provision through catering with the packing-system of modified atmosphere.

It lets a food serving keep intact its organoleptic (flavour, color, scent) and nourishing qualities from seven to ten days. Afterwards, it can be recovered through the microwave oven, for its consumption, in the same state it has been elaborated.
The packaging is used on the already cooked and packed menu, by taking out the oxygen and injecting balanced gases acting as atmospheric preservatives. On keeping the trays closed and at a fridge temperature, it is possible to obtain the dishes in an incomparable fresh condition even after several days.

This system of assistance is ideal to feed towns placed in remote sites or of difficult approach where dialy moving turns to be uneasy and/or uneconomical; weekly deliveries solve the trouble and guarantee a system of natural food.

Profesionales especializados aportan asistencia y experiencia desde la gastronomía al marketing.

Events are managed by professional people, specialists in social meetings, who develop activities for congresses, working appointments, birthdays, weddings and so on, with an integral supervision from the gastronomy to the marketing, the organization of shows, stages, lights and whatever the client requires.
This specific department also provides the management in charge of the gift-distribution to companies where all sorts of items are commercialized, including the packaging and the commercial development.

Christmas presents, gifts for offices, chocolate boxes and etc. are some of the alternatives to be considered by those willing to have both, quality and good service, together with the support of an organization devoted to the industry of hospitality.

Main Kitchen

We have a central establishment for the preparation of meals, storage and distribution...

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We have the ISO 22000 certification, reinforcing food safety and ensuring adequate consumer protection...

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